Your Life, Your Work: Finally Organized is the all-in-one solution for busy people. If you want to be in charge of running your own life, is for you.

Conveniently Keyboardy

If you love your keyboard, you’ll love Write your to-do lists just like in a good text editor.

Many features such as time tracking and creating tasks are available through a convenient keyboard-based interface.

Plan Better & Do More

Make your plans, set goals and review them regularly. You’ll be a true master of productivity in no time.

Advanced Time Tracking

Keep track of the time you spend working. also supports Pomodoro-style time intervals to make you even more productive.

Get clear reports on how you spend your time and export your data to other apps.

It’s Your New Calendar!

Not all tasks are created equal: Appointments are different from deadlines! understands this and treats them differently. comes with a fully-featured calendar. Our philosophy is that to-dos and tasks don’t just live in abstract lists.