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Keep track of your time

Take advantage of our Pomodoro-style time intervals or use regular time tracking. Get clear reports on how you spend your time and export all data as you need it.

Straightforward time tracking, useful reporting and simple data export.

Conveniently keyboardy is being developed with keyboard affictionados in mind. Use our convenient syntax to efficiently schedule to-dos, create recurring tasks or use the time tracking.

Waste less time with our keyboard-based interface. Intelligent auto-complete included.

Powerful desktop application

Add new tasks and track your time directly from your desktop (think Spotlight for your organizational needs).

Our desktop client is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Fresh from the blog

More awesome features are already in the works

The following features are not yet available in but are planned as part of our effort to make the best productivity tool you will ever use.

Share your projects

Share to-dos, notes and files with other users of

Set weekly goals

Setting regular goals is always a great help for becoming more productive. lets you set weekly time goals for your projects and help you achieve more.

Notes & Attachments

Add notes and file attachments to your tasks. This is super-convenient for adding context to your tasks or for keeping notes during phone conversations and meetings.

CLI interface & Open API

Automate workflows and task creation through our convenient command-line application and our open API.

Mobile version for iOS & Android’s main focus is helping you improve your productivity when you are on your laptop or desktop computer. But of course, you want to be able to also use it when you only have a mobile device with you, don’t you?

Whatever you need is developed in a very unique way: Our users get to vote and decide which new features are most important to them and should be implemented first. So if you think a specific feature is missing from, let us know and we’ll get to work!